• On the afternoon of October 17, Shanghai Metro Line 18 held a roll-off ceremony at CRRC Zhuji.  The project train is currently the highest level fully automatic driving train (GoA4) unattended during the whole process.Shanghai Metro Line 18 was initially equipped with 50 vehicles and adopted the national standard 6-section A-type car group, with a maximum speed of 80km/h.BEIHAI Communication provided on-board passenger information system for Shanghai Line 18 trains. For the GoA4 level, the passenger information system can adapt to a variety of scenarios for linkage, and it fully considers reliability and redundancy. The passenger information system of this project uses a highly redundant ring Ethernet architecture, with dual switches for each vehicle and power supplied separately...
    2019 - 12 - 26
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BEIHAI offers a return & refund and replacement service. See detailed statements below.

l Return Notes

① All customers should contact Customer Service for approval before returning any products. BEIHAI won’t deal with any unannounced returns and costs incurred.

② If you want to make a return request, please keep all the packaging materials and shipping notes. And make sure the product doesn’t have obvious physical damage.

③ After sending back the product, please send us the tracking number and a copy of the shipping receipt. This will help us better track your return.

l Return Policy

① BEIHAI offers 30 days without reason to return and refund or exchange for the products. Buyers need to bear the freight and customs charges.

② BEIHAI provides exchange or repair for the defective products within the warranty period. Customers need to provide the evidence that the failure is caused by the product itself, not by the artificial damage caused by the customer’s wrong operation. After confirmation we will be responsible for all charges. Refund is negotiable in this case.

③ If there is definite evidence that the product failed due to the product’s own problems within 30 days of receipt or within the warranty period, pick-up service is offered by BEIHAI. We will arrange the carrier to contact you directly and pick up the products.

④ If the products are out of warranty period, they will be considered for repair for a reasonable rate or a reduced price for replacement piece. Customers need to bear the round trip freight and customs charges.

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