• 1. Introduction Optical fiber sensing takes advantage of the physical properties of light as it passes through the optical fiber to detect changes in temperature, strain and other parameters. Optical fiber has wide working frequency band and large dynamic range, which is suitable for remote measurement and remote control. It is an excellent low loss transmission line. Under certain conditions, optical fiber is particularly easy to accept the measured or field loading, and is an excellent sensing element. The optical fiber is electrically neutral, small in size, light in weight, flexible, anti electromagnetic interference, and good in radiation resistance. It is especially suitable for use in flammable, explosive, space restricted, strong electromagnetic interference and othe...
    2022 - 09 - 29
  • Type:
    550M/FP/Multimode 2KM/FP/Multimode 20KM/FP/Single-Mode 40KM/DFB/Single-Mode 60KM/DFB/Single-Mode 80KM/DFB/Single-Mode 100KM/DFB/Single-Mode 120KM/DFB/Single-Mode 550M/Multimode 2KM/Multimode 3KM/35/FP/Single-Mode 3KM/53/FP/Single-Mode 20KM/35/FP/Single-Mode 20KM/53/DFB/Single-Mode 40KM/35/DFB/Single-Mode 40KM/53/DFB/Single-Mode 60KM/45/DFB/Single-Mode 60KM/54/DFB/Single-Mode 80KM/45/DFB/Single-Mode 80KM/54/DFB/Single-Mode 100KM/45/DFB/Single-Mode 100KM/54/DFB/Single-Mode 120KM/45/DFB/Single-Mode 120KM/54/DFB/Single-Mode 300M/FP/Single-Mode 2KM/FP/Single-Mode 10KM/FP/Single-Mode 20KM/DFB/Single-Mode 40KM/DFB/Single-Mode 80KM/DFB/Single-Mode RQ-15,25,35 10KM/23/DFB/Single-Mode 10KM/32/DFB/Single-Mode Easycheck 080KZ 20KM/23/DFB/Single-Mode 20KM/32/DFB/Single-Mode 40KM/32/DFB/Single-Mode 40KM/23/DFB/Single-Mode 60KM/32/DFB/Single-Mode 60KM/23/DFB/Single-Mode 20KM/35/FP/Single-Mode Offsoon Mark II (Single fiber) 1000M 0.3KM/40G/850nm/Multimode 2KM,10KM/40G/1310nm/Single-Mode 10KM/40G/1270,1290,1310,1330/CWDM 2KM/100G/1310nm 2KM/100G/LAN-WDM 10/100/1000M 100G/LWDM(1295~1310nm) 10G 10KM/100G/LAN-WDM ABS Type SC/PC-1.5m-2.0mm cable 100KM/100G/850nm ABS Type SC/APC-1.5m-2.0mm cable ABS Type no Connector 1.5m-2.0mm cable Steel Tube Type SC/PC-0.5m-0.9 mm cable Steel Tube Type SC/APC 0.5m-0.9 mm cable Steel Tube Type no Connector 0.5m-0.9 mm cable 2MM/3MM cable SC/PC-LC/PC-3M length 2MM/3MM cable LC/PC-LC/PC-3M length 2MM/3MM cable SC/APC-SC/APC-3M length 2MM/3MM cable SC/APC-LC/PC-3M length 2MM/3MM cable SC/APC-LC/APC-3M length 2MM/3MM cable SC/PC to FC/PC-3M length 2MM/3MM cable ST/PC to ST/PC-3M length 2MM/3MM cable FC/PC to LC/PC-3M length Simplex-1M length-2MM/3MM cable Simplex-2M length-2MM/3MM cable Simplex-3M length-2MM/3MM cable Simplex-5M length-2MM/3MM cable Duplex-1M length-2MM/3MM cable Duplex-2M length-2MM/3MM cable Duplex-3M length -2MM/3MM cable Duplex-5M length-2MM/3MM cable SC/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length LC/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length LC/APC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length SC/APC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length FC/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length ST/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length OM1/OM2 SC/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length OM1/OM2 LC/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length OM1/OM2 FC/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length OM1/OM2 ST/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length OM3 SC/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length OM3 LC/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length OM3 FC/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length OM3 ST/PC-0.9mm cable-1.5M length OM1/OM2-Duplex-1M length-2MM cable OM1/OM2-Duplex-3M length-2MM cable OM1/OM2-Duplex-5M length-2MM cable OM3-Duplex-1M length-2MM cable OM3-Duplex-3M length-2MM cable OM3-Duplex-5M length-2MM cable OM4-Duplex-1M length-2MM cable OM4-Duplex-3M length-2MM cable OM4-Duplex-5M length-2MM cable 4 core 6 core 8 core 12 core 24 core 36 core 48 core 72 core 96 core 1×4 1×8 1×16 1×32 Standard/300X400X120 Empty cabinet/300X400X120 Standard/350X300X120 Empty cabinet/350X300X120 With plug/350X240X100 Empty cabinet/350X240X100 Iron-bottom empty cabinet/300X200X100 Optical fiber cabinet/16 way Optical fiber cabinet/32 way 144 core 288 core 432 core 576 core 720 core 1152 core 42U/2200×600×600 42U/2200×800×600 42U/2200×600×800 42U/2200×600×1000 42U/2200×600×1200 47U/2200×600×600 47U/2200×800×600 47U/2200×600×800 47U/2200×600×1000 47U/2200×600×1200 22AWG,1m 24AWG,1m 26AWG,1m 1m 1roll cat5e 24 ports cat5e 8p8c 86*86 FOM-V-AE FOM-V-BE SOF-V-AE SOF-V-BE Cat5e box CAT6 Cat3 LREC6230PF-SFP LREC7210PF-SFP LREC6860AF-SFP+ LREC9714HF-4SFP LREC9802BF-2SFP+ RQ-20HZ1 PR5X-550 RQ-BLJ100 RQ-BQ300 RQ-2000CS RQ-AC300 RQ-CX30 RQ-CX50 RQ-5300CT RQ-5500CT RQ-100A RQ-100B RQ-200KT RQ-1000KT RQ-400X RQ-700XA RQ-300DT RQ-SAMI-GS RQ-BML4S S1KL S2KL S3KL S1KSL S2KSL S3KSL RM1KL RM3KL RM2KL RM4KL RM6KL RM1KSL RM2KSL RM3KSL RM4KSL RM6KSL T6KL T6KSL T10KL T10KSL 3T10KSL 3T15KSL 3T20KSL ST1K ST2K ST3K ST1KS ST2KS ST3KS C1KL C2KL C3K C1KSL C2KSL C3KSL SM Female TypeA,SM LSZH 15M SM Female TypeA,OM3 LSZH 15M SM Female TypeA,OM4 LSZH 15M SM Male TypeA,SM LSZH 15M SM Male TypeA,OM3 LSZH 15M SM Male TypeA,OM4 LSZH 15M MM Female TypeA,SM LSZH 15M MM Female TypeA,OM3 LSZH 15M MM Female TypeA,OM4 LSZH 15M MM Male TypeA,SM LSZH 15M MM Male TypeA,OM3 LSZH 15M MM Male TypeA,OM4 LSZH 15M SM Female TypeA,LC/UPC,SM LSZH 15M SM Female TypeA,LC/UPC,OM3 LSZH 15M SM Female TypeA,LC/UPC,OM4 LSZH 15M SM Male TypeA,LC/UPC,SM LSZH 15M SM Male TypeA,LC/UPC,OM3 LSZH 15M SM Male TypeA,LC/UPC,OM4 LSZH 15M MM Female TypeA,LC/UPC,SM LSZH 15M MM Female TypeA,LC/UPC,OM3 LSZH 15M MM Female TypeA,LC/UPC,OM4 LSZH 15M MM Male TypeA,LC/UPC,SM LSZH 15M MM Male TypeA,LC/UPC,OM3 LSZH 15M MM Male TypeA,LC/UPC,OM4 LSZH 15M B935 B935-1 EC25-E EC25-AU EC25-A EC25-V EC25-J FC SC LC Indoor Single Core Indoor Double Core Outdoor Single Core Outdoor Double Core SANA2 SANA Mini BINNA2 Future MT PRO Easyget WiFi AutogetWiFi Autoget 400x Easyget 200 Easyget 400 Easyget2,400x-USB AC200 AC400 View-scope EC400KC EC400KD EC200KC EC200KZ EC200KM EC080KZ EC080KM FA-1 400x FA-1 300x FA-1 200x SMARTCHECK Offsoon Mark III MT(MPO) FASTCHECK Offsoon Mark II Offsoon Mark III (Single fiber) CORE TUNERS MF906(with EVOD) FERRULE MASTER-2.5mm MF906(no EVOD) FERRULE MASTER-1.25mm MF909(with EVOD) MF909(no EVOD) U906(with EVOD) U906(no EVOD) GPR4830B1 GPR4815D GPR4850D FC/PC-2.0mm cable-1.5M length
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    Standard Cisco Juniper Brocade D-Link ZTE H3C Others
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