• Switches are an integral part of modern networks, which enable communication between network devices and cables. They are especially useful in mixed or blended networks such as fiber optic and copper cable network. Industrial Ethernet switches are different and more advanced than regular switches. They are robust and are designed to resist harsh weather conditions, industrial environments, and so on. These are manufactured under special industrial grade standards and have a wide operating temperature range. When selecting Ethernet switches, there are many factors one must consider. This post discusses the related information. Types of Industrial Ethernet SwitchesDifferent from commercial Ethernet switches used in offices, Industrial switches are resistant to extreme temperatures, vibr...
    2023 - 01 - 05
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  • 发布日期: 2023 - 01 - 11
    As modern data center networks today demand high-capacity data transmission, high-speed optical transceivers continue to be of great significance in high-capacity data center connectivity. This article discusses in depth the current situation of the optical transceiver market, and what high-speed optical transceivers can offer for better data center connectivity.Current Situation of Optical Transceiver MarketJust like any other device, optical transceivers are also subjected to the high-capacity data transmission challenge. Despite the challenge, high-speed optical transceivers continue to be ...
  • 发布日期: 2022 - 08 - 05
    Cloud data center is the infrastructure of cloud computing. Cloud computing business is continuing to penetrate, driving the construction of cloud computing super data center. The cloud IT infrastructure is mainly composed of switches, servers, and optical cables and optical modules (or AOC) that interconnect all these. The large-scale cloud data center will greatly increase the use of optical modules, and have more requirements for the transmission distance of optical modules, which will increase the proportion of single-mode optical modules.The explosive growth of cloud data center traf...
  • 发布日期: 2022 - 07 - 29
    According to the difference in the increasing rate of traffic, network architecture, reliability requirements and the environment of the machine room compared to telecommunication networks, the demand of optical transceivers of cloud data centers has the following characteristics : shorter iteration period, higher speed, higher density and low power consumption.Short iteration periodThe rapid growth of data center traffic is driving the continuous upgrade of optical transceivers in acceleration. The hardware devices of data centers including optical transceivers has an iteration period of arou...
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