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Characteristics of Cloud Data Center Optical Module Requirements

日期: 2022-07-29
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According to the difference in the increasing rate of traffic, network architecture, reliability requirements and the environment of the machine room compared to telecommunication networks, the demand of optical transceivers of cloud data centers has the following characteristics : shorter iteration period, higher speed, higher density and low power consumption.

Characteristics of Cloud Data Center Optical Module Requirements

  • Short iteration period

The rapid growth of data center traffic is driving the continuous upgrade of optical transceivers in acceleration. The hardware devices of data centers including optical transceivers has an iteration period of around three years, while the iteration period of telecommunication optical transceivers is usually over six -seven years.

  • Higher speed

Due to the explosive growth of the data center traffic, the technology iteration development of optical transceiver cannot catch up with the demand. And almost all the advanced technologies are applied to data centers. For optical transceivers with a higher speed, there is always a demand for data centers. The key is whether the technology is mature or not.

  • High density

The core of high density is to improve the transmission capacity of the switches and the single boards of the servers. But actually it is to meet the demand of high speed increasing traffic. At the same time, the higher the density is, the less the switches need to be deployed, so that the resources of the machine room can be saved.

  • Low power consumption

The power consumption of data centers is very large. There are lots of optical transceivers on the backboards of the switches in data centers. Therefore, the feature of low power consumption is necessary for optical transceivers. On the one hand, it can save energy. On the other hand, the heat dissipation problem can be solved.

In response to the above requirements, BEIHAI provides a very comprehensive solution for optical module products in cloud data centers, with a speed of 10G to 400G and a distance of 100m to 40km.


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