• On the afternoon of October 17, Shanghai Metro Line 18 held a roll-off ceremony at CRRC Zhuji.  The project train is currently the highest level fully automatic driving train (GoA4) unattended during the whole process.Shanghai Metro Line 18 was initially equipped with 50 vehicles and adopted the national standard 6-section A-type car group, with a maximum speed of 80km/h.BEIHAI Communication provided on-board passenger information system for Shanghai Line 18 trains. For the GoA4 level, the passenger information system can adapt to a variety of scenarios for linkage, and it fully considers reliability and redundancy. The passenger information system of this project uses a highly redundant ring Ethernet architecture, with dual switches for each vehicle and power supplied separately...
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Solution for Server and Network Security

日期: 2022-07-29
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With the rapid development of science and technology, we have entered the information age. All over the world, people use computers for work and mobile phones for entertainment to upload and download data all the time. These data contain a lot of information, and most of which should be gathered in the data center, exchanged and processed through the switch, or uploaded to the server for backup storage. In order to prevent the information of individuals, enterprises and governments circulating on the network and stored on the server from being leaked or even stolen, server and network security have become more and more important.

Solution for Server and Network Security

In order to meet the society’s need for information security, many companies with the purpose of server and network security were born. They provide a variety of hardware and software to ensure the security of user information. Among them, the most important hardware devices are servers and firewalls, while high-end servers and firewalls are equipped with pluggable optical transceiver module interfaces for data transmission.

Data centers are usually equipped with lots of servers and firewall devices because of the need to store a large amount of information. Therefore, the optical transceiver modules used in the aspect have to satisfy some requirements. For example, Ethernet technology is widely used in data communication in data centers, so optical transceiver modules must support Ethernet (currently mainly 10GE, 25GE, 40GE and 100GE); What’s more, the storage area network of data centers mostly adopt fibre channel as the information storage mode, which requires the servers and corresponding optical transceiver modules to support fibre channel standards (currently mainly 8GFC, 16GFC, 32GFC, and 4x32GFC). In addition, due to the large number of devices, the corresponding number of optical modules is also large. In order to reduce energy consumption and better heat dissipation, the power consumption of optical transceiver modules should be as low as possible.

In response to the requirements of optical transceiver modules for servers and network security applications in data centers, BEIHAI can provide a comprehensive solution that supports 1G to 100G Ethernet and 2G to 128G Fibre Channel.

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