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Fiber Optics as a Business Enhancement Tool

日期: 2022-11-16
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With the development of business, the need for optimally utilizing technological advancements has increased tremendously. Network and telecommunication have a huge role to play in this. High speed internet connectivity and seamless communication over long geographical distances are aspects which businesses demand today as they are drivers of growth and productivity. Most businesses still use copper scale legacy networks which is not sufficient for long-distance transmission, sending bulky files, live streaming of videos, online meetings, and so on. Also, they have issues with signal strength and speed. This is where fiber optics is gaining traction as all these shortcomings are eliminated. Fiber optics offers high speed and long distance transmission. This article is going to discuss the contribution of fiber optics in boosting businesses through rapid data transmission, seamless connectivity, and more.

What is a Fiber Optic Network and Why is it so Significant?

In a typical legacy network, data is transferred in the form of electric signals over a UTP copper cable or an Ethernet cable, mostly Cat5e or Cat6 along with a router or switch and computers as well as other devices on the network such as phones, cameras, and so on. These are converted into analog signals at the receiving end. During transmission, the signals may weaken or the data transmission may be delayed due to noise and crosstalk. Moreover, the transmission distance here can be increased only up to a few meters, and there may be data security concerns too. On the other hand, fiber optics eliminates all these issues. It transfers signals in the form of light pulses which are converted to analog signals at the receiving end. This eliminates issues such as EMI, crosstalk, and so on. Also, fiber optics is difficult to hack and hence more secure. But the best part is that you can blend fiber optics with your existing legacy network. This helps increase the transmission distance, speed, connectivity, and security of your existing network in a limited budget.

There has been increasing demand for fiber optics in business applications. They are used in LAN applications as well as remote applications such as video conferencing.

A Few More Growth Driving Business Applications of Fiber Optics

Over the last few years, fiber optics has helped drive business growth and create opportunities in various ways. Its high speed and connectivity has brought about revolutionary changes across diverse sectors such as medicine, defense, electronics & telecommunication, supply chain management, heavy engineering, and so on. Here are some pointers which prove its usefulness and significance.

· Fiber optics has been successfully used in medical science in developing laparoscopes. This equipment has enhanced diagnostics as a segment and made surgical procedures less invasive. Nowadays, it is being effectively used in telemedicine which features online consultations and treatments with doctors based in faraway locations.

· Remote access to networks and our office computers has facilitated work from home which is gaining much traction. Accessing remote networks through VPN and maintaining consistent speed and signal strength through the day is possible because of fiber optics.

· Supply chain management is a very dynamic segment, and fiber optics here has helped things move even faster. This encompasses robust navigation and tracking systems, vendor tracking, product availability, and online payments. Using effective sales and distribution and CRM software, plenty of data analyses can be done.

· Fiber optics has been successfully implemented in networks in the defense sector as it can withstand the harsh environments of this sector such as extreme temperatures, lightning, and so on, and offers the required security. There are fiber optic guided missiles and weapon systems being used. Fiber optics and sensors have been effectively used in their surveillance systems. Fiber optic gyroscopes are being used in navigation systems and sensing equipment in avionics.

All above emphasize the importance of optical fiber as an indirect driver of business growth. Beihai is a professional and reliable provider of optical fiber, committed to promoting the development of optical fiber industry.

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