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Fiber Optics is Used in 5G Networks

日期: 2022-12-07
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Thanks to improved network reliability and fast data speeds, many business organizations are embracing 5G networks. Fiber-rich network infrastructure is one of factors which contribute to the success of 5G networks technology. Having said that, it is quite obvious to think what makes fiber technology popular over legacy copper systems in 5G and what 5G entail. Read the below article to know these answers and more.

                                            Fiber Optics is Used in 5G Networks

An Overview of 5G Network

5G is one of the most advanced wireless technologies that assure ultra-low latency and swift data delivery. It uses Sub-6-GHz worldwide for mobile connectivity, and 24 GHz for high-bandwidth coverage. Optical fiber is the new choice for connecting this dense mesh of 5G microcells.


A Brief Introduction to Fiber Optics

Fiber optics, also known as optical fiber, is the technology where information is transmitted in light pulses across plastic or glass fiber. A fiber optic cable may comprise a few hundred glass or plastic fibers in its core.

The light signals travel 30% slower than light speed due to denser layers of glass or plastic fibers. Repeaters are used at distant intervals to boost the signal strength in fiber optics transmission. These repeaters regenerate the optical signals through series of conversions and transmissions. Fiber optic cables are known to support up to 10 Gbps. And these cables are distinguished into two types based on the kind of fiber used.

Single-mode Fiber: These cables have a glass fiber core of small diameter, which helps prevent the possibility of attenuation. This enables the signals to travel long distances.

Multimode Fiber: These cables possess large glass fiber core and light signals bounce multiple times when passing through them. This bouncing introduces attenuation, which is a reduction in signal strength. This attenuation also means a high possibility for signal loss, interference, and so on.

Why Fiber Optics Have Gained Popularity Over Copper Cables

Fiber Optics is Used in 5G Networks

  • support high bandwidths.

  •  support high data transmission

  •  have minimal power loss across long distances.

  •  immune to electromagnetic interference and the security cannot be compromised easily.

  •  remain unaffected by electrical noise.

  •  comprise no metallic conductors, which makes them more corrosion-resistant than copper cables.

  •  have longer lifespans than copper cables.

Why Are Fiber Optic Networks Preferred in 5G?

The following reasons substantiate the increasing demand for fiber optics in 5G.

lIncreasing Focus on Data Transmission: 

5G supports many modern technologies such as IoT, big data, and 400G. All these technologies produce humongous data and depend on real-time data collection and transmission. Thus, high bandwidth and low latency is needed for quick data transfer.

lHigh Radio Frequencies: 

5G requires high frequencies for handling large amounts of data. Fiber optics support high frequencies and can handle high amounts of data while assuring scalability and security.

lHigh Network Availability: 

With businesses going digital, high-speed network availability is now a necessity. Nowadays, people and businesses both use a large number of devices. These devices are connected to the network and operate independently. By using fiber optics in the networks, businesses can leverage capacity levels and improve bandwidth assured by 5G.


With fiber optics getting popular, you can find many manufacturers in the market.You can rely on fiber optics infrastructure products from trusted manufacturers like BEIHAI, which has been at the forefront of technology. Get in touch with the experts at the company to learn how its fiber optic products like optical transceiver, can be an asset to your 5G network.  

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